Picma[3] Picture Enigmas

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  • (2014.01.10) Visual update on the main menu. What do you guys think? Your feedback would be appreciated!
  • (2014.01.02) Fixed issues caused by last update, including puzzles not being saved when completed.
  • (2013.12.18) Corrected several bugs, including the one that sometimes stopped puzzles from "finishing"!
  • (2013.11.18) You can now receive your voting bonus even if there are no new puzzles to vote on.
  • (2013.10.14) Archives added! These will now show the full extent of our puzzle library in sets of 100 puzzles each.

Older updates will be removed periodically to keep the size of this list manageable.

Picma[3] is a compilation of 3 different logic games where each puzzle is a pixel art image waiting to be uncovered.

Don't worry if these "rules" seem complex, if you play the intro puzzles they will quickly make sense!

  • Each clue (the numbers at the top and left of the grid) indicates a group of contiguous cells filled with a single colour.
  • There must be at least one empty cell between each group of the same colour, while groups of different colours do not necessarily have empty cells between them.
  • Clues are always given in the correct sequence.
  • Each clue indicates how many of the 9 surrounding cells, including itself, must be filled with the current colour.
  • A cell that contains a clue is either empty or filled with that same colour.
  • Each clue of 2+ is paired with one other of the same value and colour.
  • The number on each clue indicates the length of the path that connects it to it's pair.
  • Paths cannot cross each other.
  • F Enables Fullscreen mode. Press "F" again or "Esc" to exit.

  • 2-8 Switches to the corresponding colour.
  • Z Will cycle through all available colours as well as the X.
  • Spacebar Pops up a small pallet under your mouse cursor.
  • Shift Holding "Shift" will allow you to cross cells without changing colour.
  • 1 Selects the "cross" to mark empty cells.

  • W,A,S,D Respectively move the grid up, left, down and right.
  • Ctrl Holding "Ctrl" will allow you to click and drag the grid.
  • Q, E Respectively Zoom Out and In.

If you were familiar with the previous game/site and haven't visited in a while you'll certainly notice that much has changed. We compiled the list below to answer most of your questions.

  • I had a subscription, where is it? In order not to waste a single day of your subscription we "froze" it during the transition. After you log in, at the Puzzle Selection screen, you will see a calendar icon near the top, click it and then click "Activate Subscription".
  • What happened to my Shards? Shards were converted (rounding up) into Subscription Tokens, each worth 31 days of game time. These Tokens can be activated, one at a time, using the method explained above.
  • Why does it look so... unfinished? We felt that above all else you wanted new puzzles to play and to be rewarded by creating them, so we focused on that first. We intend to improve the looks of the game (and website) in the coming weeks.
  • What happened to the Daily Puzzles? Instead of releasing a specific puzzle each day we now have a "Daily Bonus" that rewards you with 2 Coins per day (for voting on at least 20 new puzzles). This way you contribute to the community while also earning enough Coins to play any one puzzle up to 20x20 per day (or collect them to play even larger puzzles)!
  • Where's the "Show Unsolved Puzzles" button? We now have the "Archives", a compilation of sets spanning the whole puzzle library. Each set shows you how many puzzles you have yet to complete.
  • You said something about a bonus earlier? Yup, if you had an account before Picma[3] was launched you now have 3 free months worth of Subscription Tokens waiting to be activated!

If you encounter any issues please let us know by emailing support@moonberry-studios.com.

Have fun!


  1. Think of a subject and start drawing!

    It's easier than you might think, but please keep the guidelines below in mind.

  2. Name your puzzle and press the "Validate" button.

    Picma Plus and Picma Squared puzzles must follow a few constraints in order to be solvable. But there's no need to worry, the validation tool embedded in the editor will automatically check your picture and highlight where it could be tweaked.

  3. Either go back and tweak your puzzle or press the "Submit" button.

    Each puzzle type your puzzle validates with will reward you with additional Coins.

  4. You're done! Other players will now vote on your creation.

    Why not make another or play a few puzzles while you wait? The log on your Profile will show the state of your puzzles.

  5. Within 24h of your puzzle being accepted it will be added to the puzzle pool and you will receive your Coins.

    Accepted puzzles are queued to be checked by a more powerful validator in an attempt to fix any "Timeouts" that may have occurred.


The following guidelines should be considered while creating and voting on puzzles.

  • Recognizable image: To put it simply, your puzzle must actually look like something other than random lines or patterns, as these do not make a very interesting puzzle.
  • Simplicity: In an effort to maintain quality standards, very simple puzzles (particularly at larger sizes) are likely to be rejected. Given that most flags would fall under this rule, and in order to be impartial, (real-world) flags are not accepted.
  • Limited text: Your puzzle may contain some text, but it should always be accompanied by a picture.
  • Duplicates: We strive not to have any exact duplicates in the puzzle library. When found, the most recent puzzle will be removed. Puzzles based on game characters are the ones most prone to this issue.
  • Sensitive subjects: Our community is global and encompasses several generations of puzzlers. Generally offensive images, as well as those with obscene, political or missionary messages will not be accepted.

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